Why is my xm radio saying updating

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The Sirius App has come a long way over the last couple of years.

Hello all: Sirius updated their service by changing channel numbers last night.

My presets were wiped out and when I tried to set up and save presets today, the channel disappears from the preset window and goes back to all channels.

Edit: I see a firmware update is available for the TX-NR616. 9/30/2015 - Sirius XM quit working today on my TX-NR616.

Dated 9/25/2015, it is supposed apply the required fix for continued Sirius XM functionality. It does connect but only to an info station that repeats a message saying that the receiver needs an update to connect to the "new" Sirius XM format.

To learn more about Sirius XM subscription packages, click here. and the i OS version wasn't exactly a looker to start with.The updated version of the app doesn't exactly look like Material Design, or even Holo (apparently said app developers aren't Android Police readers), but at least it looks like something designed this decade.I use it daily to listen in my room, through connection to my room sound system, or when I'm out walking listening to audio books. On the 1940s music channel I can filter out all the pop vocals of the time and just get it to play the top swing bangs of the era - Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington. And the light classical music "Pops" channel I can adjust to play only the most well-known classical "hits." Customizing the Broadway channel not as successful.The songs it returns are good, but there are not enough of them and before an hour and a half has passed you are hearing repeats.

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